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any news on updates?

this is the worst thing ive experienced on my quest... and it actually cost money. please dont waste your money there is nothing here.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I decided to drop the fee temporarly until it is more than a early access version. I thought it would be a cool idea to walk around in the Sets but maybe its not enough.

Sorry for the inconvenients.

if the sets were remotely enjoyable to explore I would let it pass but the big bang theory one is totally off scale and not even accurate layout to the show and the friends one the well designed room seems to have glitchy framerate and your height is completely off not to mention everything being the wrong size. there is a quest custom homes friends environment and it is 1000x better then your paid version and that was the issue. I am all for exploring tv spaces but at this point in the development cycle it would have been smarter to hold off until there was something worth experiencing.

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Tips for garnering more purchases/watchers/support in general:

1. Post a list of planned TV places: e.g. The Office's Office, The Simpsons' TV den/downstairs , Cheers Bar +Pool Room, Star Trek Bridge, Game of Thrones' Winterfell or Castle Black Courtyard, etc. -- run the gamut of different genres to draw a bigger crowd of people in.

2. Get the basics done and then update as you go. The Simpsons can JUST be the den until you add more, Cheers can JUST be the bar area until you add the pool room/office, etc. as well as little details that people will jizz over (pictures on the wall, little knick-knacks sitting around, etc).

3. Make it cheaper until you have more places. This isn't currently worth 3.99 Eur, mate.

thank you for your tips.

I am working cleanup and add more stuff.
I try to take free models mostly and put them in VR but sometimes i try to model the stuff by myself.
I thought about your suggestion to drop the price and i am think this should be fair - so i drop it to 1,99 USD now.

It was intial a "Game A Week" Test project with only Friends apartments there (i plan to add ross aparment too).
But i thought it would be cool to add more.

So as i heard "The Office" as wishlist i think about to add it.
As there is no real goal what is "finally" implemented i want to be more open to implement as much as possible.

Thank you for your very helpful feedback :)

Charging for an app and then saying "BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK" is probably the sloppiest and fastest way to turn people away. >:|

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You want to have a huge following? Do this to StarTrek. Let me know when you do.

Not buying until The Office is made.